Veteren emcee SCRUB (St. Louis) and producer ACE HA (Los Angeles) have teamed up to create a classic that showcases their collective experience. Listeners will hear elements of golden-era Boom Bap weaved seamlessly with progressive sounds and intricate lyrics. Ranging from lighthearted story telling to biting social critiques, these two artists deliver a listening experience that is both engaging and heartfelt.

SCRUB and ACE HA's debut video, Anita Ride, opened many doors for the duo in 2016. The video was featured in Foot Locker stores worldwide and aired on H2o Television NYC, IndiMusicTV, California Music Channel, Video Hits NY, Taste TV, ClubCom Network, SmashVision, DailyMotion, Music Inner City, HipHopCanada, Video Diversity, ScreenPlay, Zuus Media, YesterdaysNothing, HipHopVideoWorld, ArtistRack, PCMusic Canada, VideoDetectiveBaebleMusic, AllBayMusic, Hip-HopVibe, GodsOfRap and more.