Scrub and Ace Ha move and groove at Old Rock House

Sep 9, 2018 - By Kevin C. Johnson St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Anyone excited about LouFest?” rapper Scrub of Scrub and Ace Ha asked the sold-out crowd at the Tank and the Bangas concert Saturday night at the Old Rock House.

“Well, you’re at it,” he said after being met with a bit of indifference.

Tank and the Bangas and Scrub and Ace Ha are two of the 41 acts who were scheduled to perform at LouFest in Forest Park over the weekend, and both landed on their feet with the Old Rock House show after LouFest was canceled. Several acts were rescheduled throughout the weekend.

Enthusiastic fans, some who had LouFest plans and some not at all, packed the Old Rock House in appreciation of the last-minute show…

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